• Skewers

    • "Yakitori" Breast and hide of the skin

      "Yakitori" Breast and hide of the skin

      180 yen

      I wrapped mature meat with chicken skin.The softness of the meat and the compatibility of the baked roe with crisp and flesh color are outstanding.

    • "Yakitori" Negima

      "Yakitori" Negima

      120 yen

      It is stabbed with meat, onion, onion meat, onions and thigh meat.The onion uses "White Beautiful" from Kuroiso city, Tochigi Prefecture, and the sweetness of the onions improves the balance of the taste.

    • "Yakitori" skin

      "Yakitori" skin

      110 yen

      I mainly use the portion of the neck, which is very good.It is gelatinous and contains proteins, vitamins, minerals in a well-balanced state.

    • "Yakitori" thighs

      "Yakitori" thighs

      120 yen

      Because it is a part that moves frequently, the meat quality is somewhat consolidated.The color is dark, juicy gravy dripping.

    • "Yakitori" Bonjiri

      "Yakitori" Bonjiri

      150 yen

      Rare goods used for four skewers per skewer.Since it is baked as it is baked, the surface is fragrant, while the inside has unique chewiness

    • "Yakitori" sand liver

      "Yakitori" sand liver

      180 yen

      There is little fat, it features sweet taste and sweetness that stands out by salt.

    • "Yakitori"


      180 yen

      It is crispy teeth because it is composed of myocardium.It is one for two.

    • "Yakitori" lever

      "Yakitori" lever

      180 yen

      Melted texture and rich taste become a habit.

    • "Yakitori" Life

      "Yakitori" Life

      200 yen

      Have a good balance of lean and medium, baked in medium rare, salt, taste please as you like.

    • "Yakitori" Superb setting

      "Yakitori" Superb setting

      200 yen

      Because it is the part with the most momentum, it is a part filled with fine fat and taste.You can taste the juicy stings that you can not taste elsewhere.

    • "Yakitori" scissors

      "Yakitori" scissors

      150 yen

      · Fresh wasabi served with Kishu plum · Yuzu pepper accompanied · Onion miso

    • "Yakitori" chicken wings

      "Yakitori" chicken wings

      180 yen

      There is also fat, there is richness in taste.The leather is crispy, while the inside is fluffy juicy up.

    • "Grilled vegetables" leek

      "Grilled vegetables" leek

      150 yen

      We will offer high quality materials of the day selectively.We are carefully looking at the state as well as salting down

    • "Grilled vegetables" Shishitou

      "Grilled vegetables" Shishitou

      180 yen

      Use Shishito from Nankoku city, Kochi prefecture.When yarn comes, Imaiya special-made baked sauce enhances Shishishi's effect

    • "Grilled vegetables" pumpkin

      "Grilled vegetables" pumpkin

      180 yen

      I used the most delicious, sweet and scooped pumpkin at that time.It will be addictive if you taste compatibility with specialty baked sagger.

    • "Grilled vegetables" Shiitake

      "Grilled vegetables" Shiitake

      150 yen

      Bake it carefully while adjusting fire condition so that the wall thickness of the bulk part will be even.

    • Total whole tuna baked

      Total whole tuna baked

      Limited time offer

      There is umami, thick, sweet and full baked popular pastry.Cooking dishes of Japanese cuisine are hearted and carefully pierced one by one, by hand.While checking the fiber of chicken, I imagined and arranged when I was eating.Please enjoy the taste and texture that changes every time you eat a bite.

  • Treated organic vegetables

    • Radish salad

      Radish salad

      550 yen

      I am relieved with the yuzu flavor dressing and plum meat and shredded leaves in shrimp radish!

    • Caesar salad / cold shabu salad

      Caesar salad / cold shabu salad

      ¥ 720/680 yen

      It is such a cold shabu-salad that just keeps umami in the mouth while it is refreshed!

    • Salad with shrimp and shrimp fish shrimp with shrimp

      Salad with shrimp and shrimp fish shrimp with shrimp

      ¥ 630 / ¥ 720

      Healthy salad popular among ladies who used luxury shrimp with pre-shrimp and fresh luster ◎ Please enjoy boiled and refreshing shrimp directly from the production area ♪

    • Seafood carpaccio / seafood basil salad

      Seafood carpaccio / seafood basil salad

      680 yen / 650 yen

      Please enjoy the fresh seafood that emphasized freshness with refreshing seasoned carpaccio!

  • Making fresh fresh fish

    • Tuna thorn

      Tuna thorn

      650 yen

      We will offer lean red leaves in the vicinity of Tolo in the sea with the greasy roe of the ocean.

    • Salmon sting / Russian sweet shrimp

      Each 580 yen

      The tatami taste of salmon flavored part of Tsukiji direct sending.

    • Octopus sashimi

      Octopus sashimi

      580 yen

      The octopus sashimi of prepuri dance in the mouth!

    • 〆 Sabbath / scallops

      ¥ 530/630 yen

      Scallop exceeding the winter ♪ delicious flavor is condensed excellent ♪

    • Suruga bay direct sending ___ ___ 0

      Suruga bay direct sending ___ ___ 0

      530 yen

      Transparent white is proof of freshness! Enjoy it!

    • And Takataki

      And Takataki

      580 yen

      Please enjoy high popular bonito bonito with our homemade Yuzu Ponzu.

    • Assorted sashimi platter 5 points / seven points

      Assorted sashimi platter 5 points / seven points

      1680 yen / 2180 yen

      Three points / 1280 yen (excluding tax)

  • Salmon fish

    • Green soybeans

      Green soybeans

      430 yen

      Refreshing edamame using rock salt!

    • Takowasabi


      480 yen

      One item indispensable for accompanying sake!

    • Changer


      530 yen

      Our shop's changer is using genuine cod.

    • Tomato chilled

      Tomato chilled

      480 yen

      Sappari! Organic tomato with plentiful lycopene.

    • Pickles Assorted

      Pickles Assorted

      530 yen

      This dish you want when your mouth is lonely!

  • Small bowl cuisine

    • I chicken

      I chicken

      580 yen

      Freshness of outstanding fresh chicken is popular item!

    • Boiled sesame with steamed chicken

      Boiled sesame with steamed chicken

      560 yen

      Fragrant sesame oil smells appetite!

    • 和 Picked avocado

      和 Picked avocado

      680 yen

      Avocado with excellent compatibility and avocado is very popular among women!

    • Chicken Yukke / car prawn mayonnaise

      Chicken Yukke / car prawn mayonnaise

      Each 680 yen
    • Tuna's Yukke

      Tuna's Yukke

      660 yen

      鮪, eggs, sesame oil Please stir it as much as you want!

    • Cowboy Yukke / horse sting

      Cowboy Yukke / horse sting

      ¥ 720/700 yen
  • Gem cuisine

    • Deep-fried tofu

      Deep-fried tofu

      680 yen

      It is homemade fried tofu.We will have a fresh idea.

    • Out winding egg

      Out winding egg

      680 yen

      Baked boiled soup with only preheating is fluffy torotro!

    • Sake steamed clams

      Sake steamed clams

      680 yen

      It is steamed liquor of delicious taste so that you want to drink until the last drop of soup!

    • Butter Grilled Scallops

      Butter Grilled Scallops

      720 yen

      It is characterized by umami tightened to big scallops!

    • Boiled horn of Michinoku mochi pig from Miyagi prefecture

      Boiled horn of Michinoku mochi pig from Miyagi prefecture

      780 yen

      Boiled horn cooked until it gets tororo enough to eat even without teeth is exquisite.

    • Potato miso stew

      Potato miso stew

      720 yen

      Use domestic beef cattle.It cooked thoroughly over time.Dense rich taste and miso thick.I do not collect.Please relish by all means.

    • Hakata grilled dumplings

      Hakata grilled dumplings

      580 yen

      Outside is crisp inside crisp bite If broth juice overflows it is Hakata roasted dumplings!

    • Sausage platter

      Sausage platter

      720 yen

      There is no doubt that beer will come!

    • Kuroge Wagyu beef with miso soup

      Kuroge Wagyu beef with miso soup

      Each 760 yen

      A gem that used luxury wagyu beef in luxury ◎ soft and juicy meat is definitely habit!

  • pottery

    • Whirlpool Shishamo

      Whirlpool Shishamo

      530 yen

      The egg's tsubutubu feeling does not accumulate!

    • Broiled of Eihire

      Broiled of Eihire

      530 yen

      A dish that took a while to bake it after drying overnight on a mirin.

    • Dried overnight of squid

      Dried overnight of squid

      760 yen

      Dried overnight after our flavoring and drying our own!

    • Overnight dried striped glue

      Overnight dried striped glue

      750 yen

      Popular items that can not bear the original flavor of hockey!

  • Fried food

    • French fries

      French fries

      480 yen

      Hokkoku's potato is a staple in the classic.

    • Deep-fried chicken in the Miyazaki area

      Deep-fried chicken in the Miyazaki area

      680 yen

      Deep-fried shrimp with our garlic is very popular.

    • Cartilage


      580 yen

      Deep fried standard cartilage.Enjoy the sense of cool!

    • Octopus fried

      Octopus fried

      680 yen

      Fried octopus enjoying a sense of pre-popularity is a popular product!

    • Ikageso fried

      Ikageso fried

      580 yen

      Fried chicken fish with popular popularity among fried snacks!

    • Wing tips

      Wing tips

      620 yen

      I am soaked in a special sweet sauce.There are also many people to exchange! You can order from 2 each!

    • Cheese fly

      Cheese fly

      680 yen

      Cheese flies are popular among women and you can eat a bite and cheese is inside!

  • Warm pot

  • Gohanbutsu

    • Ochazuke (bream, salmon, plum, mentaiko)

      Ochazuke (bream, salmon, plum, mentaiko)

      Each 650 yen

      You can choose the taste! Recommend the sea bream chubu!

    • Chicken rice

      Chicken rice

      780 yen

      Please cook chicken rice with our reputation that delicious soup is delicious.

    • Source chow mein

      Source chow mein

      720 yen

      An old-fashioned sauce to remind stalls!

    • Tuna Yukke bowl

      800 yen

      The smell makes his appetite 鮪 Yukke bowl is a dish popular with men!

    • Wild vegetables and chestnut pots

      Wild vegetables and chestnut pots

      830 yen

      We will prepare cooked freshly, so I will spare some time 20 minutes.

    • Gokomon with five vegetables

      Gokomon with five vegetables

      880 yen

      We will prepare cooked freshly, so I will spare some time 20 minutes.

    • Crab potted potato

      Crab potted potato

      1080 yen

      We will prepare cooked freshly, so I will spare some time 20 minutes.

  • dessert

    • Rich vanilla ice

      Rich vanilla ice

      420 yen

      It's not ordinary vanilla ice! It's rich vanilla ice!

    • Green tea ice

      Green tea ice

      450 yen

      Green tea ice to eat with black honey is outstanding!

    • Pudding


      420 yen

      Sweet things are different belly! Enjoy our thick pudding!